Ric: Originally from Vancouver, Ric has played with many of the Islands finest bands. Known for his immature and corny jokes, the band keeps him around because he can lift heavy things, and he has a truck. One time he was so.....( too be continued)

Lloyd  : We are Pleased to introduce the newest member of the City Slickers family. Born and raised in Victoria ,an accomplished musician and a truly nice guy, Lloyd brings with him a very detailed arrangement of songs & guitar work. We are all excited about the future with Lloyd on Guitar.

                      Our Story

Alan : Hailing from Yorkshire  England, Alan is one of the finest keyboard players around. Not only is Alan responsible for the sweet sounds of the band, but it's his  sense of humor that keeps us from taking ourselves too serious. Although a great musician to have on stage, I remember the time Alan......( to be continued )

Jim: One of the most solid bass players I have ever worked with,Jims attention to detail, and his ability to keep us on track, makes Jim a pleasure to be on stage with, including the time Jim decided to.....( to be continued )

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